How Holidays are Paid

The holidays are remunerated, even if employers think otherwise. Also, do not charge just one working day a festive, generally, the employee shall earn much more if, for example, working on a Sunday on a Monday. Here you take the guesswork and we explain how the holidays are paid or … how to be paid.


  1. Sunday starts at 12 pm on Saturday and ends at 12 pm Sunday. This applies to any holiday. Under Article 179 of the Labor Code, the employer has to pay his employees a 75% surcharge on the normal salary per day worked on a holiday.
  2. The bonus to be paid over to the employee for work on a Sunday is separate and in addition to any other penalties, such as the night work or work overtime.
  3. In case you are working on a Sunday night starting at 10 pm, the employer shall pay the surcharge of 75% plus night work is about 35% more than regular salary.
  4. In the event that work on a holiday is occasionally, employer and employee may agree and choose to pay or compensatory rest only receives compensation. If you choose to only receive compensation, it shall be 75% of regular salary, while if compensatory rest is preferred, the employee can choose which day of the week is taken free.

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