Construction of cultural objects

Construction of objects of cultural importance , which include parks, theaters, libraries, museums and other objects a special category of buildings and structures.

They still have the status of cultural and educational institutions, and are often represented by a person, not only the cities in which they are built, but also the regions, and even the countries. The construction of cultural facilities (it is the construction, not the restoration), is supervised at all stages by various inspections, up to commissions of federal significance.

Not every organization will be able to complete a full cycle of works, starting from the stage of creating project documentation and ending with the commissioning of a building or facility. Moreover, with constant checks and strict control.

The general contractor, with experience of such work, will not only perform the construction of the facility and it’s commissioning, but also establish, optimally productive interaction with technical supervision.

What is it?

At the first stage, there is coordination, with the supervising bodies, design and estimate documentation and production schedules, preparatory and construction works.

The technical supervision checks conformity, norms and rules of construction, compares the exhibited and stated working resources, with their productivity and professionalism.

Further, constant monitoring of the construction period and full compliance of the project with the drawings and drawings. That is a full report on the completed stage of construction work, with the signing of all the prescribed acts and documents, between the general contractor and technical (public or private) supervision.

It is necessary to know that it will not work out “with the technical supervision”, they bear full criminal and material responsibility for each signed document. Employees of the supervising organization, if violations are found, may stop work at any stage of construction, up to the appointment of another general contractor.

The responsible general contractor will not allow any deviation from the deadline for the delivery of the facility and the violation of the production technology. Otherwise, he will incur, not only punishment, but, most importantly, his reputation will suffer.

One of the units of technical supervision, of course, will monitor the appropriate use of financial resources. Accordingly, the general contractor organization must have crystal clear accounting.

Technical supervision will regularly check the compliance with safety regulations at the construction site and the availability of proven personal protective equipment for workers.