Calculate house building costs

With the decision for a house construction, only part of the preparation and planning has taken place. The most important part is the house itself and without a building catalog for comprehensive information, no builder should go into planning or even negotiations with architects.

Building cost calculator

This calculator is to be used if you already have concrete ideas about land price and house size. It serves to provide you with a financial scale of the planned construction project. The calculator takes into account the current economic situation as well as the location of the object. Special measures can also be taken into account, such as demolition costs or compensation for injuries and the like.

Fee calculator architecton

This fee calculator enables you to create a calculation of the architectural services for your house construction. For a better understanding, please read our “Important Laws “section “The Regulation on the fees for the services of the architects and the engineers. You can use this calculator to check the architects invoice or to calculate a fee calculation for your cost calculation in advance

Costs family calculator

This calculator allows you to estimate your construction costs, which is tailored to single-family homes, by entering the most important basic data of your construction project. By entering cost-decisive variables such as foundation, construction geometry, number of floors, roof construction , building construction, cellar, additional equipment, among other things, accurate cost statements are made using typical mixed prices and additional or reduced cost factors.