Building construction companies

The realization of a building project involves a set of stakeholders who provide their services during the design, administrative procedures, the conduct of the site, the implementation of the various elements that will constitute the building and the receipt of the book completed. We can distinguish the project management stakeholders who provide technical expertise and the companies that carry out the actual work, earthworks, structural work and second work.

The stakeholders of the project management

Any construction or rehabilitation project requires the supervision of a project manager, project manager of the construction of the building to serve the client.


A key player in a building project, the architect is the designer of the architectural project for design, rehabilitation and integration into the landscape. The architect carries the legal guarantee of conformity of all the elements of the project, his participation is mandatory for the design of the plans.

Most often, the architect is also competent for other design missions (urban planner, landscaper, interior designer) and acts as project manager for the execution of the construction site and the management of the interventions of the companies. Only legally authorized to design a building, the architect is the only one and the best able to manage a complete mission of building construction, from design to delivery.

Town planner

Spatial planning specialist, he collects and analyzes data relating to the terrain and the natural and urban environment. It offers management solutions that comply with administrative guidelines and allow construction in the best conditions.


Specialist in the development and design of the natural setting, he intervenes in the external parts of the project, gardens, green spaces and valorization of the ground and its vegetation.

Interior designer

Specialist in the interior design, the interior designer intervenes on ergonomics to increase the functionality of the building and the aesthetics of materials and colors.

For projects of large size and / or complexity, additional expertise may be required to assist the client and / or assist the project manager.

Design office

Specialists in a particular technical field, they bring their expertise to ensure the respect of the technical standards and the reliability of a specific element of the project (structure, fluids …)


Specialist in the determination of the costs of operations, the economist estimates the costs during the design, controls the respect of the budgets during the interventions of the companies, and checks all the operations.

Expert surveyor

Expert in the geography of the construction site, he prepares topographic leveling and boundary plans and conducts field surveys and buildings. It is exclusively authorized to delimit land.

Public works companies

Earthworks: leveling the ground, digging trenches for the foundations.

Roadwork and various networks (VRD): servicing of land for vehicle access, connection to electricity, telecommunications, and water and sewage networks.

Building companies

Structural work: stability and solidity of the building

  • Demolition
  • Foundation
  • Masonry
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Metal frames and frames, concrete or wood

Second work: water / air tightness, aesthetics and comfort of the building

  • Roofers
  • Plumbers-Heating Engineers
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters, fitters
  • Plasterers
  • Iron workers
  • Locksmiths
  • Painters
  • Glassmakers

Other specific stakeholders may also be responsible for monitoring and controlling the site to ensure its smooth operation.

Technical controller: contracted by the contracting authority to control the regulatory compliance of the materials and the strength of the structures.

Health and Safety Coordinator (SPS): charged by the client to implement prevention principles to ensure the safety and health of workers on the site.

Site coordinator: charged by the project manager to coordinate the various interventions and the management of the planning.

Finally, the services of specialized companies can also be contracted according to the particular vocation of a building: stenographers, decorators, cooks, restorers