Budgets in the construction

Let’s know the steps necessary for you to make the budgets in the construction of your new home or a specific space in your home that is not yet built, we will start by seeing all the elements to take into account in the budget and then we will know the tools free to facilitate our task of having the total cost that we need to know before starting the work.

Elements to take into account for budgets in construction:

  • The price of land
  • Architectural design (architect)
  • Design of structures (civil engineer)
  • Electrical and sanitary installations by an engineer or architect
  • Total cost of construction divided between materials and labor
  • Building permits for your city that include various municipal taxes

With this information we can already have a clear idea of ​​how much it can cost to build a house, it is possible to say that the price of the land is often the determinant of the total cost, in addition according to its topographic characteristics, ie if it has slopes or elevated notable increases the price of construction because it requires more labor and also materials, a point that must be taken into account in budgets in the construction of small and medium-sized housing.

For large buildings we need to add to the total price, the study of the soil (if the building has several floors), environmental impact studies (some municipalities ask), among other aspects that are not necessary to add here because we are pursuing a budget for a house of average size of 80 to 200 square meters.

  • Calculate online the cost of a new construction or renovation

Budgets construction of works by spaces

One of the best tips that we can give you is to ask by telephone or email an architect or civil engineer what is the price of the square meter built, the only data you need to have is the size of your land, with this you already have part of the budgets in the construction of your house.

But remember that the data that these professionals give you are only a part of the equation since normally these budgets are of basic finishes that is why you are going to use online tools to can calculate the costs.

Conclusion on budgets in construction:

  • The first thing to do is to have on hand the dimensions of the land preferably on the side then take the percentage in total square meters, the next step is to ask an architect or engineer to provide the price of the square meter built because these professionals handle this updated data.
  • For the self-construction do not forget to take a look at online applications to make drawings easily or if you are going to remodel a space of your home to the best online interior design sites and now you only have to start by measuring the terrain or send it to some mason master of your city.