Architecture and constructions

The image of this activity leads us naturally to that of the architect.

Professional able to design and develop plans, from those of a simple house to the plans of the towers of the defense or those of the factories or museums, this approach reveals only a small part of the activities of this sector.

Around this man or woman of art, holder of a title sanctioning higher education and recognized by the government (Architect DPLG) we observe the work of many specialists who put their knowledge at the service of all facets of these activities:

  • the urbanism that shapes the cities of today,
  • the environment that we now want to ensure at all costs the safeguarding,
  • the knowledge and the use of new materials whose qualities increase the comfort of buildings

Without being exhaustive, it is useful to add that the architecture takes into account the specific needs that exist at the level of industrial, commercial constructions, at the level of the constructions of leisure centers, at the level of the hospitals, the shopping centers, the marinas like ski resorts.

This limited enumeration demonstrates the links of architecture with the construction sector that executes and realizes projects.

  • IT in this sector – as in others, is causing profound changes in project design.
  • 3 D software – creation of images, interior decorations, modeling software for flows.