6 tips to choose the best commercial spot

  • Detective

Get ready to walk and investigate a lot, just like a detective, study the target. Put yourself in the position of your consumer and analyze every detail!

Visit the property in the morning, afternoon and evening; during the day the place can be very busy.

  • Customer flow

Choose locations with large flow of customers and vehicles, this will allow a great visibility of the facade of the establishment.

Often the purchase is decided on impulse, so look for great visibility.

  • Competition:

Look for points that have neighbors businesses that complement yours, such as a clothing store next to a footwear store.

Do not fear the competition, neighbors in the same area can be very beneficial, after all, together you will attract a much larger number of customers.

  • Customer profile:

It is not enough to have a large flow of people, it is necessary that the point concentrates the largest number of potential customers, for this it is necessary to know the profile of your ideal client, their habits and needs.

  • Installations:

In addition to basic facilities in good condition, it is important that the chosen location has all the facilities necessary for your business and comfort for the client. An alternative to the initial investment difficulty is to opt for a modular construction, in which it will be much easier and less burdensome to expand the facility in the future. (Learn more about Construction’s Modular Construction).

  • Differentials:

Innovate, run away from the ordinary, successful entrepreneurs are adopting the concept “Open Space “in their works, with ample cooperative spaces. (Learn more about the Open Space concept of Construction).