Basic elements in a green house

When choosing a house, we first consider the location, if we like, the size, distribution, finishes and the way of payment. However, today we must evaluate another very important factor, the efficiency of the property, something as important as surplus value.

Profitability, efficiency and savings are characteristic elements of sustainable housing, which can only be achieved through the integration of technologies from construction to efficiency in consumer goods.

In view of all this, the National Housing Commission, within the framework of the Green Solutions Seminar, presented a proposal called Green Home, which includes new trends to make your home has an ecological soul.

  • Sustainable house, equal to quality of life

Far from sacrificing comfort, a sustainable home is synonymous with quality of life. It can be constructed of concrete, without rod, and put thermal insulation in walls and roofs, which in addition to aesthetics impel energy efficiency through oxygen uptake (CO2), which allows to reduce consumption in heating and air conditioning. Another insulation is double-glazed windows, with which you get stable temperatures in the heat and cold.

By placing a solar water heating system, you get savings of over 60% in gas consumption and you will have hot water at any time. In turn, to promote responsible consumption, you can put water-saving, four-liter toilets, efficient appliances, and even eco-efficient beauty appliances, such as low-consumption hair dryers.

Consulting the CO2 calculator is a starting point to know the emissions of polluting gases that generate our consumption habits; while the water calculator tells you your water consumption directly and indirectly.

  • Basic elements in a green house

Green roof

It is a simple and natural system that manages to temper a building giving oxygen and creating a micro-system where you can grow vegetables.

Rainwater harvesting

The rainwater is first collected in all possible places of the building, it is stored to be used as drinking water in all daily activities.

Gas saving

Solar water heater will save up to 80% of gas consumption, in addition to being a clean energy with zero carbon emissions.

Electrical energy saving

Solar panels and wind generators are clean energies and thus produce zero carbon emissions which directly affect the deceleration of global warming, a perfect alternative for clean electric energy.

Lombardi compost

It is a process for reintegration in an organic way, including sludge, garden waste, and kitchen waste, processed by earthworms to generate organic fertilizer.

Vertical gardens

There are two types of vertical gardens, indoor and outdoor, contains an automatic irrigation that takes 90% of water, yield oxygen and can grow vegetables.

Sewage treatment plants

They allow not to waste water in the drainage, using it in the irrigation, WC and external keys.


Quick and simple material to build, has the advantage of being thermal insulation and reduce the weight of the building by 70%.