Construction costs

There quarries of sand and stone in all regions, as well as the land for the manufacture of bricks, cooked or not. To this must be added a well-trained human resource in all the construction trades, from the plumber, to the engineer and the architect.

Any real estate investment is only possible if all the necessary certificates are obtained with a building permit issued by the municipal authority. Obtaining these documents for an average villa, by providing evidence of the land ownership of the developer, and plans duly signed by an authorized architect, and in accordance with the master plan of urban development. The services of the architect for an average villa will also be billed.

  • Iron

Regarding the concrete reinforcing bar, the approved prices vary from one big city to another, and according to the diameter of the desired iron.

However, speculators who often organize the shortage, out of the vigilance of the Ministry of Commerce, must be counted on to drive up prices.

For luxury finishes, there are now channels to get good prices tiles, chandeliers and accessories of very cheap quality on the market.

  • Local materials

Cooked or raw bricks, cut stone, fine ceramics, tiles, wrought quartz, several variants of services and products are offered by some private operators for the elevation of buildings, finishes and decorations. Buildings using local materials are about 20% cheaper than other buildings, and can be more aesthetic and climate-friendly.

This availability of construction materials is not sufficient to stimulate a strong dynamic in real estate production, as some constraints persist. Specialists mention excessive taxation; high tariffs on imported materials; and the lack of a low-rate, long-term borrowing policy in banks.