Construction of ecological and self-sustaining houses

The construction of ecological houses today is a practice that is increasingly recurrent. The construction of ecological houses, besides allowing a significant saving in the economy of the families, also allows to contribute in the improvement of the environment.

  • Construction of ecological houses

The construction of ecological houses involves a series of elements from different industries, from the use of recycled construction materials, ecological and energy-saving household items , the use of tools in the construction process that have been developed with materials that are more sustainable and energy-saving, the use of solar panels easy to assemble, even the orientation of the house according to the daylight hours to take full advantage of it.

Although it is true that there are important obstacles, such as the price of certain types of building materials, we can also find cases of successful green home construction projects in which recycled materials have been used.

But if you want your home as well as ecological, self-sustaining, you can resort to ingenious energy production systems such as solar panels, capture rainwater and reuse both this and the waste you generate, which in a lifestyle ecological, must also be minimal.

The construction of ecological houses as well as promoting the self-generation of electric energy and the recycling of materials and an intelligent use of those included in the eco-friendly habits, try to minimize pollution by energy expenditure while in turn achieving a economic saving.

  • Aspect to be taken into account in the construction of ecological houses

Since there is no single model or method of building ecological houses, we will share a series of principles that will help you design your own project to achieve a self-sustaining home and energy independence and even food if you decide to set up a small garden and take advantage to the maximum all your consumer products.

Generally, building green and self-sustainable homes requires a high budget if you want to invest in household items with modern technology, but in a very short time you will recover the investment made by saving energy and other resources.

At the outset, if you want to reduce the consumption of electricity and also generate it, heaters and solar panels are a widely used today, even if you live in cloudy or very humid areas, as some solar panels have technology that allows to capture solar energy even on cloudy days.

The house has to be isolated making use of sustainable materials, such as the traditional adobe used in many of the buildings that today is still observed in the towns and even in the middle of the big cities and that stands still, showing its great durability.

The construction of ecological houses with this material, besides being simple and economic, presents many other advantages that make it attractive to achieve environmentally responsible housing. This is a material that has been used for millennia (there are records of constructions around 8,000 years BC) in various parts of the world where conditions were given. Even today it is widely used in many parts of the world in the construction of modern ecological houses.

Another aspect that reinforces the lining of the structures of the house is the installation of green roofs and vertical gardens on facades and also in the interior of the house

One more way to make the most of natural resources in the construction of ecological houses is the solar orientation and the function of climatology (more or less wind, rains, temperatures, etc.) throughout the year.

To know the angle of the sun you must get a solar card, you can download the application for is and Android, it is a scheme on the route of the sun to know which part of the facade will receive more and less sun. The layout of the vegetation in your garden will also benefit by taking that important factor into account. With this application you can know in real time where it was, where it is and where will be the sun.

Once you have decided the location of the house and its orientation, you must make an intelligent distribution of windows, doors, windows, porches, terraces and other elements and materials as required for greater or less isolation in different areas of the house.

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