Construction of social and domestic buildings and structures

The construction of social and household buildings and structures is a construction that is checked with special care and attention by the supervising and supervising bodies, all ranks and organizations.

Not allowed, any violations, at all stages of construction work. In addition, social and household buildings are usually put on for a longer term warranty period.

The construction of social and household buildings, including schools, colleges, polyclinics, kindergartens, etc., is a special kind of construction work, for which not every organization will take.

The general contractor takes full responsibility for all the stages of construction, exposing its own supervising units and engineering staff who will optimally distribute the forces of the contracting organizations, guaranteeing the production of works, according to the schedule.

Not an unimportant role, the selection of building materials also plays. It is important to find not the cheapest material, but fully complies with the norms of the FEZ, fire safety and having a complete set of documents, such as a certificate of compliance, laboratory conclusions. Only with the confirmation of all norms, the material is delivered to the building site.

The work, on such objects, implies a very large workflow. This type of work requires seriously trained specialists. According to the staff, there are accountants, engineers, suppliers, surveyors, own technical supervision and other employees who have accumulated a lot of experience and who constantly improve their qualifications.

General contractor organization, guarantees one-man management at the construction site and full compliance with the production plan.

One of the main articles is a unified financial control, which completely excludes over expenditure, allocated cash. All financial documents are subject to multiple checks. Constant monitoring of the building materials market is carried out and sometimes cheaper material can be chosen, but not inferior (or sometimes superior).