Construction price

Building a house is expensive! We have to compare the different offers of entrepreneurs, yes … but on what basis?

  • Reading price tables

The prices mentioned must be interpreted with the necessary caution. These are indeed averages and therefore not absolute values, which have to be adjusted according to the differences which may occur in the materials market and the costs of labor. The specific circumstances of each site must also be taken into account.

For example, work in a city causes many more problems and costs: accessibility is more difficult to bring materials, there is no room for storage, and sidewalks have to be rented from the commune. Prices are often 15 to 20% higher.

The unit prices for renovation are 20% higher and sometimes even higher.

  • Measuring quantities

Many contractors and even some architects are unaware that there is a Belgian standard to correctly calculate the quantities for the work to be carried out.

It is mainly the joiners and the ceilings which do not deprive themselves of “to put back a layer” and decide unilaterally to count everything and therefore not to deduce any opening.

In addition, there are also masonry contractors who set a price for a “mixed masonry”. Under this item, they indicate a unit price for the entire exterior wall, without dissociating facade brick, insulation and supporting wall! For them, it’s easy to calculate, for you, it’s impossible to control