Construction economist

What is he doing concretely?

The activity of the construction economist is characterized by interventions at all stages of construction.

At the project design stage, he/she calculates the project’s budget, drafts summary and detailed specifications, and the quantitative pre-metric, participates in the financial structuring of the operations.

At the stage of business consultation, study and price quotation, procurement, he/she writes the written documents of the business consultation file, participates in the examination of the candidatures of companies , prepare the framework of acts of engagement, draft the special administrative clauses, prepare the tender documents, analyze and compare the price offers of companies, research and negotiate possible savings.

At the stage of the realization, he/she can be brought to assure various tasks:

  • establishment of the provisional budgets and the schedules (manpower, material supply, provision of the material …)
  • scheduling of the works,
  • supervision progress of work,
  • general coordination,
  • acceptance and control of works,
  • control of costs and yields,
  • analysis of results,
  • development or correction of statistics and ratios.