How to repair a hole in the wall

Fix a large hole in a wall of lath and plaster. Purchase and collect all materials. To fix a lath and plaster wall need to fill a compound plaster surfaces, a trowel or shovel and a large sandpaper.

Eliminates loose plaster pieces. You must remove all affected areas, making sure not to extend the damage. Carefully removed any piece of loose or cracked plaster until the material remaining around the damaged area is safe.

Screw any loose lath to studs underneath there. You must use drywall screws, but if the bar is broken, adds wide and thin washers when you’re screwing.

If any of the slats is so damaged that it cannot hold the plaster, you’ll have to replace it.

Applying plaster filling compound into the hole. This is the base layer, so the surface of the filler should be slightly below the wall, and need not be smooth. Let this coat dry a little, until the surface to become slightly firm, but not hard.

The consistency of this layer of filling plaster should remind the peanut butter.

Apply a second coat with the trowel. This layer should be adhered to the first, but the goal now is to get the surface is smooth and flush with the wall.

This layer of filling compound should be slightly thinner than the previous one. In this way, you can smooth the surface more easily, using the trowel.

Let the compound dry completely. Get a completely smooth surface with plain it takes practice, so do not be discouraged if you need to use sandpaper on your first try.

Replicates the texture of the wall, if it is textured finish. Getting the same wall texture can be very difficult, because this type of finishing is usually done with a paint compressor. To give texture to the surface, wet a stiff bristle brush plaster and pass on the compound of dry filler. If necessary, once the plaster settles slightly passes to smooth plain areas protruding.

Prepare and paint the surface of the hole repaired. Always use a good base paint to prepare the plaster walls, since it will serve as a protective layer and not have to spend money on the paint finish.