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Construction project management

Currently, most of the problems arising in the construction process are a consequence of poor management and the inability of the leader to organize and plan the activities of his staff, which undoubtedly leads to high construction risks associated with the lack of the ability to complete construction on time, as well as poor quality of the constructed object.

In order to avoid the occurrence of such problems leading to loss of money, in most cases, it is necessary to skillfully manage the construction process or hire a qualified specialist in this field, capable not only of exercising full control over the construction documentation, but also organizing the construction process, clearly acting in accordance with the building plan.

Methods of managing construction projects. In the event that all the necessary documentation has been collected and a permit has been obtained from the state for construction work in a certain territory, it is necessary to clearly develop a management plan for the construction process in order to meet the deadlines and not exceed the available budget.

It should also be noted that there are a lot of different ways and methods of managing construction projects, but this article will consider a method that allows to minimize any kind of construction risk, as well as to meet the deadlines.

The first stage of project management is the classification of the project, the construction of which will be carried out. Further it is necessary to carry out a detailed analysis of all investment options, as well as to develop a budget plan. The third point can rightfully be considered the analysis of risks, the occurrence of which is possible in the process of construction, as well as drafting a business plan to avoid them.

After all the above points have been fulfilled, it is necessary to perform a calendar calculation in order to clearly indicate the time after which the construction object should be ready.

It is also worth paying special attention to the procurement and supply of building materials.

An experienced leader, before signing a contract with a certain supplier, should carefully analyze the entire range of regional construction markets and choose the most profitable offers that can save the budget as much as possible. The best option in this situation is the waste of fewer funds than indicated in the budget plan. The remaining funds will be some kind of insurance in case of acquisition of low-quality building materials or occurrence of extraordinary incidents requiring additional investments.

It should also be noted that the best option is to cooperate with a well-known supplier of building materials, which has proven itself in the market. In conclusion, we can say that the choice of a successful method of management of construction projects will minimize any kind of risks, meet deadlines, and keep within the budget.

Construction of ecological and self-sustaining houses

The construction of ecological houses today is a practice that is increasingly recurrent. The construction of ecological houses, besides allowing a significant saving in the economy of the families, also allows to contribute in the improvement of the environment.

  • Construction of ecological houses

The construction of ecological houses involves a series of elements from different industries, from the use of recycled construction materials, ecological and energy-saving household items , the use of tools in the construction process that have been developed with materials that are more sustainable and energy-saving, the use of solar panels easy to assemble, even the orientation of the house according to the daylight hours to take full advantage of it.

Although it is true that there are important obstacles, such as the price of certain types of building materials, we can also find cases of successful green home construction projects in which recycled materials have been used.

But if you want your home as well as ecological, self-sustaining, you can resort to ingenious energy production systems such as solar panels, capture rainwater and reuse both this and the waste you generate, which in a lifestyle ecological, must also be minimal.

The construction of ecological houses as well as promoting the self-generation of electric energy and the recycling of materials and an intelligent use of those included in the eco-friendly habits, try to minimize pollution by energy expenditure while in turn achieving a economic saving.

  • Aspect to be taken into account in the construction of ecological houses

Since there is no single model or method of building ecological houses, we will share a series of principles that will help you design your own project to achieve a self-sustaining home and energy independence and even food if you decide to set up a small garden and take advantage to the maximum all your consumer products.

Generally, building green and self-sustainable homes requires a high budget if you want to invest in household items with modern technology, but in a very short time you will recover the investment made by saving energy and other resources.

At the outset, if you want to reduce the consumption of electricity and also generate it, heaters and solar panels are a widely used today, even if you live in cloudy or very humid areas, as some solar panels have technology that allows to capture solar energy even on cloudy days.

The house has to be isolated making use of sustainable materials, such as the traditional adobe used in many of the buildings that today is still observed in the towns and even in the middle of the big cities and that stands still, showing its great durability.

The construction of ecological houses with this material, besides being simple and economic, presents many other advantages that make it attractive to achieve environmentally responsible housing. This is a material that has been used for millennia (there are records of constructions around 8,000 years BC) in various parts of the world where conditions were given. Even today it is widely used in many parts of the world in the construction of modern ecological houses.

Another aspect that reinforces the lining of the structures of the house is the installation of green roofs and vertical gardens on facades and also in the interior of the house

One more way to make the most of natural resources in the construction of ecological houses is the solar orientation and the function of climatology (more or less wind, rains, temperatures, etc.) throughout the year.

To know the angle of the sun you must get a solar card, you can download the application for is and Android, it is a scheme on the route of the sun to know which part of the facade will receive more and less sun. The layout of the vegetation in your garden will also benefit by taking that important factor into account. With this application you can know in real time where it was, where it is and where will be the sun.

Once you have decided the location of the house and its orientation, you must make an intelligent distribution of windows, doors, windows, porches, terraces and other elements and materials as required for greater or less isolation in different areas of the house.

If these green home designs do not surprise you enough, check out theĀ  10 fantastic ecological homes to care for the planet that the portal of architecture, design and decoration, Homify , brings together virtually all over the world on incredible construction projects.

Construction of social and domestic buildings and structures

The construction of social and household buildings and structures is a construction that is checked with special care and attention by the supervising and supervising bodies, all ranks and organizations.

Not allowed, any violations, at all stages of construction work. In addition, social and household buildings are usually put on for a longer term warranty period.

The construction of social and household buildings, including schools, colleges, polyclinics, kindergartens, etc., is a special kind of construction work, for which not every organization will take.

The general contractor takes full responsibility for all the stages of construction, exposing its own supervising units and engineering staff who will optimally distribute the forces of the contracting organizations, guaranteeing the production of works, according to the schedule.

Not an unimportant role, the selection of building materials also plays. It is important to find not the cheapest material, but fully complies with the norms of the FEZ, fire safety and having a complete set of documents, such as a certificate of compliance, laboratory conclusions. Only with the confirmation of all norms, the material is delivered to the building site.

The work, on such objects, implies a very large workflow. This type of work requires seriously trained specialists. According to the staff, there are accountants, engineers, suppliers, surveyors, own technical supervision and other employees who have accumulated a lot of experience and who constantly improve their qualifications.

General contractor organization, guarantees one-man management at the construction site and full compliance with the production plan.

One of the main articles is a unified financial control, which completely excludes over expenditure, allocated cash. All financial documents are subject to multiple checks. Constant monitoring of the building materials market is carried out and sometimes cheaper material can be chosen, but not inferior (or sometimes superior).

Construction economist

What is he doing concretely?

The activity of the construction economist is characterized by interventions at all stages of construction.

At the project design stage, he/she calculates the project’s budget, drafts summary and detailed specifications, and the quantitative pre-metric, participates in the financial structuring of the operations.

At the stage of business consultation, study and price quotation, procurement, he/she writes the written documents of the business consultation file, participates in the examination of the candidatures of companies , prepare the framework of acts of engagement, draft the special administrative clauses, prepare the tender documents, analyze and compare the price offers of companies, research and negotiate possible savings.

At the stage of the realization, he/she can be brought to assure various tasks:

  • establishment of the provisional budgets and the schedules (manpower, material supply, provision of the material …)
  • scheduling of the works,
  • supervision progress of work,
  • general coordination,
  • acceptance and control of works,
  • control of costs and yields,
  • analysis of results,
  • development or correction of statistics and ratios.

Construction price

Building a house is expensive! We have to compare the different offers of entrepreneurs, yes … but on what basis?

  • Reading price tables

The prices mentioned must be interpreted with the necessary caution. These are indeed averages and therefore not absolute values, which have to be adjusted according to the differences which may occur in the materials market and the costs of labor. The specific circumstances of each site must also be taken into account.

For example, work in a city causes many more problems and costs: accessibility is more difficult to bring materials, there is no room for storage, and sidewalks have to be rented from the commune. Prices are often 15 to 20% higher.

The unit prices for renovation are 20% higher and sometimes even higher.

  • Measuring quantities

Many contractors and even some architects are unaware that there is a Belgian standard to correctly calculate the quantities for the work to be carried out.

It is mainly the joiners and the ceilings which do not deprive themselves of “to put back a layer” and decide unilaterally to count everything and therefore not to deduce any opening.

In addition, there are also masonry contractors who set a price for a “mixed masonry”. Under this item, they indicate a unit price for the entire exterior wall, without dissociating facade brick, insulation and supporting wall! For them, it’s easy to calculate, for you, it’s impossible to control

Calculate the construction costs with the construction cost planner

Prevent building costs

The construction cost planner from the warehouse helps you with initial calculations and provides a good starting point for a conversation with a warehouse planning professional. You will be surprised at how many items to consider. But do not worry – keep an overview with the warehouse consultants!

Avoid wrong planning

Eliminating unforeseen changes or omissions will cost a lot of money in most cases. That’s why you should plan thoroughly, preferably with experienced professionals from the warehouse. Or you build a CLEVERHAUS – there are no surprises thanks to the fixed price and fixtermin!

The way to money

Even if you bring a lot of equity without borrowing money in most cases you do not come to the dream home.


The construction costs per square meter

“What or how much does a house cost?” Cannot be answered in a general way. It depends on which materials are installed on this square meter. Thus it is a difference, for example, whether a square meter is tiled with marble or whether PVC covering is laid. The construction costs for the interior construction can thus be difficult to determine and at best indicate as a reserve margin. However, there are some parameters for the development, the additional costs of the house purchase as well as the shell construction, with which one can roughly estimate the square meter prices. Details about the subject of building costs or also hide costs, which are often forgotten in the planning, you find related articles.

Land costs by land price

The cost of the property must be taken into account for the total building costs, even if they are not directly attributable to the building costs. Depending on the region, the price of the property fluctuates and can be just as good.

Construction cost calculation

In order to roughly estimate construction costs, two calculation methods are used:

Calculation of building costs by square meter of living space

The price of the living space per square meter of living space is used for this purpose. The costs depending on the region, according to equipment as well as domestic technology. This is only a guideline, as the manufacturers are not only regionally different, but there are also a lot of different variations and possibilities in the field of fermenting.

Cost estimate cubic meters of converted space

The cost of space can also be estimated roughly according to the volume of space. Because the room height is still taken into account, this method is more reliable than the estimation by means of the living space. Rebuilt space is the total volume of the interior of a building. This includes not only the floor areas, but also the walls, including the height, the ceilings and the roof and the price, land, outside facilities, fees for site management and planning as well as other building expenses were not included in the price.

Individual factors relating to the building as well as the structure influence the price, whether it is a prefabricated house or a massive house. In the case of an architect’s house, the price is also significantly higher than in a house owned by the developer. Depending on how well accessible the site, the construction costs are different. The equipment also plays an important role in the price.

No matter which method is used for estimating the cost of a building, it is reliable only on the basis of a land survey, as well as a design for the layout of the space, including equipment requirements.

Gross estimation according to a cost table

Reduction of house construction costs

The easiest way is to reduce costs by providing self- service. Ideal for interior or garden work. Building houses without a basement or just partial basement helps to save more costs. Of own services or the deletion of individual items can always be negotiated after the offer. It is important that you have an all-encompassing and detailed offer in the calculation phase.

Here is an overview of the traps that can occur with the construction costs:

  • Is not or not sufficiently taken into account
  • Costs for authorities, taxes, notary
  • Connection (gas, electricity), outdoor facilities
  • Ancillary costs in the financing of the building or even to a narrow assessment of the mortgage financing

Every house construction is more expensive than planned before

Incalculable ancillary costs, repairs, additional work and further costs should be estimated generously in the calculation. Furthermore, it must be taken into consideration that the client does not overestimate his own performance. It is recommended that in addition to the final costs, which you can expect from the start of construction, you will be able to build up a buffer of 15-25%, because the unforeseen costs will come to you – no matter how detailed you are the house construction.

A large buffer of costs should always be invested in the financing. It would be unfavorable if no money was available in the middle of the construction phase. Financing is difficult or impossible. If an additional loan is granted, then usually to worse conditions. It is difficult if there is a gap in the financing that the client cannot close. Then the construction project stops.

This risk can be reduced if as much equity as possible is introduced. Even if interest rates are currently very favorable, one should not dare to spend too much on mortgage financing. The lower risk for the lender will make building loans more favorable as more equity (or self-employed) is available. The bank or another financial institution would like to insure that the installments can also be repaid. The more collateral and / or equity you can raise, the better the conditions of your mortgage lending will be. Experts advise at least 20 per cent of the construction costs (including incidental costs) from their own resources. In principle, a full financing, a financing without own funds, is also possible. Be aware, however, that in such a case you can provide sufficient collateral.

Risk “black sheep”

Less serious construction companies can be recognized by the following trick: Registration of bankruptcy after the builder made partial payments. The builder can write the money paid into the wind. In the meantime, a new company is founded by the responsible persons of the untrustworthy company under another name and with new managing director (friends, family members, employees, etc.). When selecting a suitable manufacturer, you should also take a look at the company’s history and, if necessary, also check the balance sheets of the construction company. A contact with previous builders who have built with this company can be helpful. The longer a company is active in the market, the better is its reputation and the more solidly it is set up. There will only be a construction site in the rarest cases,

Checklists help with the construction and performance description. This can be used to avoid or minimize unscheduled additional costs. A payment plan helps to pay the installments according to the construction progress. Such a payment plan should be agreed in the building contract. Frequently, developers and prefabricated manufacturers are also required to provide payment guarantees for the respective bank, which are not always absolutely necessary. Pay these partial amounts only if all the services agreed so far have been completed completely and without defects.

Building price index (BPI)

The construction price index (BPI), on the other hand, records the actual price level of construction projects across all federal statesĀ  i.e. the price paid by an owner on average. Not only cost centers such as building materials and costs for man and machine are taken into account, but also the productivity and profit margins of the builders are taken into account.

Tips on building a deck

A deck that extends outside your home is an ideal way to soak in the outdoors during pleasant weather. To do it yourself, tips on building a deck can get you on your way to a project that takes some time and resources but provides you with a lot of pleasure while relaxing on your deck admiring the views, barbecuing a company dinner or Look at the sun.

Find the right size for your terrace

A deck does not need to be large and the further away from the house extends, the more it must worry about structural support and the more yard it must sacrifice. Do not be afraid to keep small. You really only need space for a small amount of outdoor furniture and maybe a grill area or bar.

Build with regional considerations in mind

In some regions, mosquitoes are a big enough problem that you have a cover on or you will find that nobody wants to use it because of the pests. If you are not in an insect-infested area, leave the cover open but think about sun exposure. Although it is good to be warmed by the sun, design your deck to catch a lot of shade as well as for hot summer days.

Use of materials designed for the climate

A local hardware store can help you find out the best kind of wood and other materials for the particular climate typical of your region. Factors to consider include the amount of snow and ice your deck of cards is subjected to in the winter; the level of summer humidity in your area; typical annual rainfall; Intensity of the sun and dry heat. All these variables affect the materials used, so keep in mind before you start construction.

Consider accessibility for the interior

When you decide where to build your deck of cards, consider how you use and what parts of the interior of your home should facilitate access to the deck. For example, if you are going to use the cover for big parties, you will probably have an easy flow from your living room on the deck and deck in your yard. If you plan to use the cover mostly for outdoor meals and the grill, place it in the kitchen.

Construction costs

There quarries of sand and stone in all regions, as well as the land for the manufacture of bricks, cooked or not. To this must be added a well-trained human resource in all the construction trades, from the plumber, to the engineer and the architect.

Any real estate investment is only possible if all the necessary certificates are obtained with a building permit issued by the municipal authority. Obtaining these documents for an average villa, by providing evidence of the land ownership of the developer, and plans duly signed by an authorized architect, and in accordance with the master plan of urban development. The services of the architect for an average villa will also be billed.

  • Iron

Regarding the concrete reinforcing bar, the approved prices vary from one big city to another, and according to the diameter of the desired iron.

However, speculators who often organize the shortage, out of the vigilance of the Ministry of Commerce, must be counted on to drive up prices.

For luxury finishes, there are now channels to get good prices tiles, chandeliers and accessories of very cheap quality on the market.

  • Local materials

Cooked or raw bricks, cut stone, fine ceramics, tiles, wrought quartz, several variants of services and products are offered by some private operators for the elevation of buildings, finishes and decorations. Buildings using local materials are about 20% cheaper than other buildings, and can be more aesthetic and climate-friendly.

This availability of construction materials is not sufficient to stimulate a strong dynamic in real estate production, as some constraints persist. Specialists mention excessive taxation; high tariffs on imported materials; and the lack of a low-rate, long-term borrowing policy in banks.

Basic elements in a green house

When choosing a house, we first consider the location, if we like, the size, distribution, finishes and the way of payment. However, today we must evaluate another very important factor, the efficiency of the property, something as important as surplus value.

Profitability, efficiency and savings are characteristic elements of sustainable housing, which can only be achieved through the integration of technologies from construction to efficiency in consumer goods.

In view of all this, the National Housing Commission, within the framework of the Green Solutions Seminar, presented a proposal called Green Home, which includes new trends to make your home has an ecological soul.

  • Sustainable house, equal to quality of life

Far from sacrificing comfort, a sustainable home is synonymous with quality of life. It can be constructed of concrete, without rod, and put thermal insulation in walls and roofs, which in addition to aesthetics impel energy efficiency through oxygen uptake (CO2), which allows to reduce consumption in heating and air conditioning. Another insulation is double-glazed windows, with which you get stable temperatures in the heat and cold.

By placing a solar water heating system, you get savings of over 60% in gas consumption and you will have hot water at any time. In turn, to promote responsible consumption, you can put water-saving, four-liter toilets, efficient appliances, and even eco-efficient beauty appliances, such as low-consumption hair dryers.

Consulting the CO2 calculator is a starting point to know the emissions of polluting gases that generate our consumption habits; while the water calculator tells you your water consumption directly and indirectly.

  • Basic elements in a green house

Green roof

It is a simple and natural system that manages to temper a building giving oxygen and creating a micro-system where you can grow vegetables.

Rainwater harvesting

The rainwater is first collected in all possible places of the building, it is stored to be used as drinking water in all daily activities.

Gas saving

Solar water heater will save up to 80% of gas consumption, in addition to being a clean energy with zero carbon emissions.

Electrical energy saving

Solar panels and wind generators are clean energies and thus produce zero carbon emissions which directly affect the deceleration of global warming, a perfect alternative for clean electric energy.

Lombardi compost

It is a process for reintegration in an organic way, including sludge, garden waste, and kitchen waste, processed by earthworms to generate organic fertilizer.

Vertical gardens

There are two types of vertical gardens, indoor and outdoor, contains an automatic irrigation that takes 90% of water, yield oxygen and can grow vegetables.

Sewage treatment plants

They allow not to waste water in the drainage, using it in the irrigation, WC and external keys.


Quick and simple material to build, has the advantage of being thermal insulation and reduce the weight of the building by 70%.